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Bing Product Ads Schnittstelle

Der Bing Product Ads eShop ist ein bekanntes Onlineshop-System im B2B- sowie B2C-Handel mit einer schnellen und zuverlässigen Laufweise. Über unseren srt-Bing Product Ads Konnektor binden wir die Onlineshop Software über unsere Schnittstelle an Ihr Warenwirtschaftssystem, Ihren Logistikdienstleister, gleichen Preise und Bestände ab und betten die Sendungsverfolgung ein. All das – ohne Verluste.
Our concept is simple: we want to connect. In doing so, we have specialized in e-commerce with the srtToolbox. It acts as an interface between the systems and connects over 50 ERP and shop systems with each other by aligning any information between the systems.

Communication problems? The srtToolbox helps

If shop systems do not communicate correctly with merchandise management, it puts those affected in an unpleasant position – dissatisfied customers, financial losses and additional expenses due to troubleshooting. The srtToolbox is the link to ensure flawless communication – even in other interface projects.

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How the srt connector works

Our srt connector connects your online shop with everything you need. Do away with different systems to organize customer information, data and pricing, product images, newsletters, or order statuses. Our interface manages everything, and it does so by adapting to your workflows, not the other way around. In concrete terms, this means: the srt connector simplifies and accelerates your data exchange.
  • Automatically updates your item master data, prices and stocks as well as shipment tracking
  • Informs your merchandise management system about orders in your online shop
  • Makes product exports easy and connects you to marketplaces
  • Automatically scales your images for your online shop
  • Transfers customer data for customer accounts or newsletters

The srt connector - your benefits at a glance

Increase the speed and quality of your eCommerce business by harmonising your entire IT infrastructure, including webshop information. With the srt connector, you can connect your online shop with your ERP or PIM system, with marketplaces, databases or other tools. Data of any kind can be accessed at the push of a button – all in one system.
With the srtToolbox, we deliver a user-friendly interface in which you can import, centrally manage and adapt all your company data – at any time and from any terminal device – this also includes the management of access data. Scattered data is thus history. Of course, everything can be viewed at any time. If something is not clear, our specialists will help you.
With the product data package, you have the option of playing out all data that you generate, edit and save on the srtToolbox, optimized for different portals. This also includes files that are imported from other systems, such as customer data, order data or images. The package also includes the processing of different file formats.
Automatically reconcile your prices and stocks with our service. In some cases, files are generated or transferred directly into the system.
Orders from your online shop are exported by our service to your merchandise management or PIM system, to wholesale suppliers or logistics providers. On the other hand, orders placed in other systems or marketplaces are automatically received in your online shop. The tracking and tracing as well as the status change of an order are automatically updated.
The folder management scales product images in the appropriate format for your online shop and all downstream systems. In addition, images, documents, text or other files from external sources or the cloud are imported fully automatically into your online shop.
Automatically create your customers’ data through our customer management, create customer accounts, export address and contact lists and link the data, offers and discounts to newsletter or customer relationship management systems.
Our interface is compatible with over 50 ERP and shop systems. No matter how large your data volumes may be, the software works quickly and securely thanks to its cloud-based mode of operation. Its modular structure makes it easy to adapt to your workflows, expand, reduce, harmonise all data and use it in other business areas.
Individuelle Lösung

Your individual solution

Our interface is compatible with over 50 ERP and shop systems. No matter how large your data volumes may be – thanks to its server-based mode of operation, the software works quickly and securely. Its modular structure makes it easy to adapt to your workflows, to expand, to reduce, to harmonise all data and to use it in other company areas.

Our connectors

Connectors are the link to our interface to connect the systems of your company with each other. They ensure that your data is displayed identically regardless of the device and is permanently synchronised with all end devices used. We offer connectors for shop systems, ERP systems, marketplaces and feed engines.


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