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Basler Sachversicherungs AG

Basler Sachversicherungs AG

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Basler Sachversicherungs-AG stands for integrated insurance and provision. In doing so, the insurance company targets both private and corporate customers.


Due to the fact that the company’s order situation was constantly increasing, the ordering process could no longer be handled manually


We are glad to see that the insurance industry is also gaining flexibility by adapting to the rapidly changing market of e-commerce business. Basler Sachversicherungs-AG commissioned us to transfer insurance concepts into a digital store form. This allows the company to quickly process their customer transactions and saves valuable time that would otherwise have to be invested in telephone canvassing and manually writing quotes.

Implemented workflows

Automation of master and transaction data from and into the platforms by means of the connectors used.

Our connectors

Connectors are the link to our interface to connect the systems of your company with each other. They ensure that your data is displayed identically regardless of the device and is permanently synchronised with all end devices used. We offer connectors for shop systems, ERP systems, marketplaces and feed engines.


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