General #3 Configuration of the online interface

3. Configuration of the Online Interface

Please adapt the following files

conf/ file: In 3 constants need to be adjusted. If the shop is in a subdirectory, this must only be under: “SHOP_SUBFOLDER”.

In addition, you must set the constants for the database connections. If you set the entry “TEST ENVIRONMENT” = true, you must enter the correct entries in the “”, otherwise please maintain them in the “db.conf.settings.php”.

The interface has internal tables that have to be installed during the initial execution. To install the extensions automatically, the constant: FIRST_INSTALL = true must be set.

Then enter the following path, specifying your shop:

After execution, the switch should be set to “false” again.

class/modules/getOrders/orders_payment_delivery_methods.php The payment and delivery methods are necessary for the order import. These can be adapted / extended in the file.